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Anatomy in Motion™

Anatomy in Motion™ is an amazing assessment and correction protocol for gait (walking) analysis and foot function. When we teach the human body to utilize each and every joint in the planes of movement it has available to it, we increase our functionality, well being, flexibility, mobility, stability etc, we do this by introducing joints and structures to their full range of motion potential AS A WHOLE with 3- dimensional and gait specific movements.   Joints in the body do not function in isolation; they are all in communication with each other from the foot to the head, all the time.


The foot is the dictator of movement through the human body when in motion. AiM™ places a big emphasis on proper foot function.  When the foot interacts with the ground the brain relies heavily on information from the foot to coordinate movement at every other joint in the body. If your foot is not functioning properly then it is fair to say that no joint in your body is working efficiently. Injury, inhibition, bad posture to compensate and adapt sets in, along with poor movement this becomes a habit in your life, with a downward spiral eventually leading to pain. Using walking analysis, soft tissue release and corrective movement exercise, Anatomy in Motion helps the body to find a state of balance or harmony where pain is free to leave your body.


Please take a few minutes to watch this video about Gary Ward, Author of “whatthefoot” and founder of Anatomy in motion.


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